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April 2, 2021
Social Media Competitor Analysis | Cortexom Innovation

what are the best third party competitor analysis tools for social media marketing? Social media competitor analysis is a kind of analysis which is prepared with the help of examining social media competitor’s performance. Although it contains data that is

April 2, 2021
Social Media Support SEO | Cortexom Innovation

Is Social Media Support SEO ? The short answer to the question of whether social media helps SEO is yes, but not in the ways you imagine. However, for the most part, SEO experts talk past each other with respect

April 2, 2021
Competitive Analysis help your content to stand out | Cortexom Innovation

Is competitive analysis help your content to stand out? Competitive Analysis:Competitive analysis is a process in which the product or content is comparedwith the content or product of the competitive/rival company. With the help of this analysis we can know

April 2, 2021
When is your brand available to engage and interact with customers?

Whether you are trying to reposition an existing brand or develop an identity of newproduct, brand or service. Your success is not only depending on distinctive brand strategy,but on a well-executed launch. If u are repositioning existing brand, everyone in

April 2, 2021
Best Ways to Increase your ROI

One way to increase your return on investments(ROI) is to generate more sales and revenues or raise your prices. If you can increase sales and revenues without increasing your costs, or only increase your costs enough to still provide a net gain in profits, you've improved your return. • What is “Return”?The

April 2, 2021
Which search engine is the best in 2021 | Cortoxem Innovations

A search engine is a software system that is designed to carry out web searches which mean tosearch the World Wide Web in a systematic way for particular informationTop 8 best search engines of 2021Search engines allows us to filter

April 2, 2021
Strategies for online e-Commerce stores | Cortexom Innovations

First of fall I will tell about the topic in which I will explain.I will explain in three Steps:-Now moving on Table of Contents  Gather data with tests Offer Gift Guides (all year) Void Shopping make show Memberships cost

April 2, 2021
Why Facebook has declined its organic reach in 2021?

Organic Reach:  On Facebook is simply a measurement of how many people can find you on Facebook for free.  It's much like organic rankings on a search engine, although in the case of Facebook it's based on aspects like popularity,

April 2, 2021
Important of Social MediaAlgorithms in 2021 |

Are you worried that your content will go through evenworse reach and engagement than it did in 2020? You'reno longer on my own. 80% of social media marketers saythat their top strategy is to growth engagementthroughout all channels.Don't agonize —

April 2, 2021
What social media marketing can do to your business | Cortexom Innovations

Creating and developing a website is important for any business. Along with having a website, you need to expand your online outreach to social media platforms. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are essential for maintaining a competitive

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